Training Diary – Day 605


Nothing like a little bit of extra training before an event – especially this one anyway – ‘Hell Up North’ …. I have taught PE all afternoon and thought the additional energy would need to be released if I was going to relax tonight.


Off to do a short burst on the Static Bike – Hill Climbing Challenge. A 30mins period on Level 5 and a very sweaty body later, I had covered 26.66km and enjoyed it fully.


I must admit, I do get a lot of nervous energy when I’m looking forward to a particular event – it’s like a ritual lately. Last night was a 7miles+ run and I still had plenty of energy left for today’s training.

Now, after eating a very tasty ‘Chinese Meal’ – with boiled rice, I am going to just chill and watch some TV – feet up, kit ready and an early night ready for this tomorrow:


Oh how I am really looking forward to this … after missing out last year because of knee surgery.





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