Training Diary – Day 604


A long day in school, an afternoon of teaching PE and then an after school Club – meant I was tired even before I went training tonight. But hey ho – you don’t succeed with sitting on your backside.


So tonight it was a session of loops around the Running Club grounds – approx 2.2miles a lap. So looking to do 3 laps again this week and a bit extra on the Mustering back to the groups over the distance.

I turned up to meet with the rest of the group members and it was well supported again tonight – run leader was Kerry Kelly – doing a great job. We agreed to do the course the same direction as last week, which meant the gradual rise of the hill over the last 3/4 mile. (I love that bit of the course the most – increasing my pace for that part.)

Most of the group did 2 laps but 4 of us continued for the extra 3rd lap – I enjoyed that even more because we all increased the pace enough to tire us out afterwards. In total my Garmin recorded my distance as 7.4miles in 71mins – an improvement of 2minutes over last week.

Once home I had a quick shower, protein shake and time for my feet up for a few hours. I also recorded over 33,000+ STEPS for today.



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