Training Diary – Day 602


Training session tonight was changed on my way home from school. Instead of going to the gym I decided not to do a Static Bike Hill Climbing Challenge, but to go for a running session with the Running Club.


My training Buddy – Edgie picked me up and drove us to the local meeting point and we met with a number of other Running Club members, before we set off on a gentle jog to the ‘Intervals’ running area that had been planned by the Run Organiser – Will Kozer, thanks for it too.

We paired up with someone of a similar ability/pace and did alternate runs of approximately 0.4miles. (One Run whilst one rested.) Over all I did 7.4km in 31mins 11secs – which I was pleased with, lots of sub5mins per km speed work. Edgie did 7.5km in just over 32mins and we both felt the pace increasing during it.

We tried to keep up with the faster/speedster runners, but not a chance – those fellas are really fast in comparison to us (the 2 fat old men of the group) but we did well. I have to mention the Club President – Greg Murray, who has identified that he regularly reads my blog but never gets a mention – tonight you are getting one – lol. (Plus I’m going to give you a new nickname – ‘SickNote’ because you are getting too many injuries lately and I’ll end up giving you earache to try harder.

Apart from that tonight, I am now confident that I can aim to improve my own #ParkRun PB to sub25mins pretty soon – last one was only 11secs of my current PB and I wasn’t even trying to match/beat it. Time now to have a good sleep and an early night.


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