Training Diary – Day 601

Don’t you just love days went you get surprises? Out all day at school – doing an afternoon of teaching PE and then home to get ready for my Monday night training session. A hectic drive home trying to avoid the delaying traffic jams and I get home to a lovely surprise in the post – my Hell Up North Hell Runners Race Number for this weekend – YEAH!!!!


To be honest, I had actually forgotten about the number not arriving yet, but it made me smile when I opened it – looks like a fair few are also running in the WAVE 2 time.

So off to the gym with a pleasing grin across my face – it is PACER running for one of my other Running Buddies – Derek. Usually only 5km running at around 28mins pace for me so it is like a gentle jog these days. (But Derek works his socks off to keep up and improve his times.)


It is quite a pleasant route around the local park and a few gentle hills to keep us busy. I don’t mind doing it slightly slower than my normal pace, because it means we end up with a fast sprint for the last few 100m’s to beat each other – lol.

Back in the gym it was a few weight training exercises, working on the upper body strength – I even managed a ‘Bicep Curl’ Challenge to a set beat – 31 curly lifting in time to the beat – once you miss a beat the challenge is over. I was a little surprised by the difficulty in keeping up to the beat. (I’m sure I will be trying it again over the week.)

So for the rest of the night it is going to be feet up and chilling in front of the TV – after completing my school work. I enjoyed my protein shake and Hot Lobster Bath too.



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