Training Diary – Day 599

You know what today is don’t you????     #ParkRun Saturday – yeah!!!


After an early night last night, and a decent sleep, I was up and ready for a new challenge today – more #ParkRun Pacing for another Widnes Running Club member. I had agreed to try and improve Hilary’s previous best if I could help her. I don’t do the work but just support her.


So off we went to the #WidnesParkRun event, me & my training buddy Edgie – his turn to drive and as usual he turned up early and made me rush to get ready. We had our normal discussion of are we going for a time or just complete another tick in the total runs completed – Target of 50 Parkruns. For Edgie it was to have a steady comfortable run – sub27mins and for me it was pacing ‘H’ to a possible New PB.

We met up with several others before the run, Widnes Running Club membership is growing in number so there are more of us around. We also met up with our 3rd running buddy – Paul, who decided he was aiming to improve his time today too. Hilary (H), had run from her home to get to the parkrun and made the mistake of giving Edgie her water bottle to hold before the run – hahahahaha big mistake because he emptied it on the floor before she got it back ….

For ‘H’ a sub26mins was her target time and she was moaning about how she was feeling – didn’t make the slightest difference to me, as she was still going to run at my pace or fail today. The 3 and a bit laps course was simple enough to pace – just focusing on the split times for each lap.

Lap 1 was an 8.06mins time – which was a little too fast but she completed it comfortably. Lap 2 was a little harder for her at 7.44mins and she started with her moaning and use of colourful language – again didn’t matter because I was going to keep the pace up on her. The 3rd lap was slightly slower because she was dropping back a bit – 7.54mins and her vocabulary become more profound – but hey ho – run faster. The last bit of the loop is where I opened up the pace a little more and pushed her more – she did drop back a few yards but fairs fair she kept the pace. Her time was an official New PB of 25mins 46secs and to say she was pleased would be an understatement. (She was also very tired too.)

I was quite pleased with the time for myself too – only 11secs off my own PB, whilst only pacing today. I had a fair bit left in reserve today and know that I can easily improve my time by around another minute now. Paul – also got a New PB and Edgie recorded a much better time than he expected too.

The best thing about today for me was in my official email of the time recorded. Although I didn’t get a New PB, I did actually improve my results. I received this comment in my parkrun email which is better than a New PB for me – seen as I was only pacing today …… you came 4th in your age category VM50-54.

I am so pleased with that little comment because each time I have ran recently I have improved my finishing position and age category position too. ‘H’ was also the 2nd fastest female in her age category and was also impressed.


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