Training Diary – Day 597


After a really long day in school and a late night football tournament – I managed to get home just in time to do a training session with the Widnes Running Club. Was my Club debut run and saw me working fairly well during it.


My running buddy – Edgie & I went and did the training session – 3 x 2mile loops with mustering back to keep everyone together as much as possible, whilst enabling others to run further too. That meant we ran a total of 7.40miles in 73mins – which was a fair distance & time  The focus on the session for us both tonight was just to get some more miles/km in our legs ready for the Hell Up North Event in 9 days time – we needed a longer run so to stretch our legs since the EHM nearly 3 weeks ago. The plan was to do 6miles but we enjoyed it too much and did more – lol.

The only problem was that by the time we had finished and got home, it was almost 9.00pm and a very long day just got even longer. On top of that I also recorded over 35,000+ STEPS today and that was my 2nd highest total this year.

So I think tomorrow may be a lighter session and get myself ready for the #ParkRun on Saturday morning.


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