Training Diary – Day 595

After another long day in school it was time to go and get rid of the frustration big time in my second home – the gym.


Giving myself the time to play with my ‘LEGO’ during training is one of the best & quickest ways of balancing my work/life over the past few years. So when I go to the gym I go to train, to ‘beat myself’, to see how far I can push my limits – otherwise there is very little point in going, in paying the gym fee – I could just sit and vegetate at home and get fat.

Not A Chance!!!


Tonight’s challenge was the Static Bike Hill Climbing activity again, but this time only for a 30mins period. However, the shorter period was enhanced in difficulty by increasing the gradient up to L8 – which was an ‘Ouch’!!  I managed to complete 26.51km in the time which would equate to (53km+ for the 60mins period  and better than yesterday’s little effort. So I am well impressed with myself.)


For the rest of the session I spent it working hard at the weights – trying to focus on building strength, rather than toning the different muscle groups. With only 11 days left before my next event – the Hell Up North Half Marathon, I am really looking forward competing in it with my training buddy – Edgie!!




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