Training Diary – Day 594


A little bit of an emotional rest day yesterday – one of my newly born Grandsons needing a little extra help so I was having a ‘Thinking about them both’ time instead of training. They are fine but still only a few days old so early days yet.

After getting home from school tonight I needed to have my training session and burn off much of my excess energy – it was time to earn my ‘Sweat’ again…..


No messing about tonight, only training and lots of hard work & effort = sweat and tired afterwards. I extended the challenge to a 60mins Static Bike Hill Climbing Challenge on L6. This basically meant I was working harder going up the hills and needed to try and keep the cadence high too. I managed to only do 52.62km in the 60mins this time but it was a harder level, so still impressive.


For about 20mins afterwards, I did a little bit of a weight training cool down session – some light weights but plenty of reps – still ached after completing 3 sets though.

Now it is time to just relax until tomorrow’s session – a little bit of a recovery and good night’s sleep.


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