Training Diary – Day 588

Late out of school tonight meant a rushed training session at the gym for me – but at least I still had the determination to go and complete some training.


As planned last night, a predominantly weight focus session with a little cardio thrown in. I did a 15mins ‘Random Hills’ Challenge on the Static Bike – Level 6 and achieved 12.20km in that ‘Sprint’ mode. (Came off sweating a lot – definitely warmed up doing it too.)


After a 2mins rest, I then went on the treadmill for an 11mins period – why 11mins I do not know. But the aim was to do a steady pace and see how far I could run in a set time period. In this case it was 11mins – totally random!! Anyway, I completed 2.21km in that time, so it wasn’t that much a slow pace and the sweat continued to pour out of me.


With my warm up done it was now time to focus on the weights and my upper body workout – arms, shoulders & lats tonight.  I did a routine of 3 sets of multi reps and varying weight – depending on the area I was work on. Lats Pull, Dumb Bell Press, Seated Rowing, Tricep, Pecs – covering about 30mins in total. The last few reps of each set really killed me – showing that I had obviously not worked on these muscle groups for a while.

Tomorrow I will focus on a different weight session, but still working on my upper body strength. I don’t see the weights as a failure when I can’t complete the reps, I train until I fail – that way I know I have done my best each time.


Never give up until you finish.

Roll on for an early night, a good rest and another hard training session tomorrow too.


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