Training Diary – Day 587


Tonight’s session was a little bit different than I had planned it to be, as I had intended to focus on doing mainly weight training. I arranged to meet Derek, a training buddy – to do some work with him. He is working hard on his running pace and I enjoy being a pacer for him.

In total tonight, with Derek and a little bit extra afterwards, I did 6km road running – acclimatising to the wet & cold weather ready for my next event – in 10 days time.


Then it was a few sets of different weights for my upper body strength – as I have a feeling that I will be needing some extra strength during this event. Biceps, Triceps, ABS. Lats and my Pecs had some work on tonight.

I think that I will have to do less running this week and re-focus on heavier weights for the next 14 days. My natural strength will only help me for so long before I start to fade in Hell Up North….


A very nice, Ice Cold Vanilla & Raspberry Protein Shake went down really well when I got home. I love the milk being so cold…..


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