Training Diary – Day 583


After 1 total ‘Rest Day’ two days ago, I have had lots of opportunities for exercising & keeping my #FitBit STEPS reasonably high – teaching PE in the afternoons in school.


Tonight it was my chance to go back to the gym and attend Alison’s 45mins Circuit Training Class. She just loves inflicting pain on us, as much as I like training …  Tonight was no different and her challenges focused on ‘Legs’ again – single leg sitting/rising squats tonight really are killers. (This was the exercise the Hospital set me to help build the muscles around my knee – so should have been quite good at them after 3 months solid at them. NOT!!!  Amazing how quickly your muscle strength drops if you don’t continue training that area.)

A wide range of different cardio exercises, differing levels of difficulty and intensity meant another evening of sweating my way through the session – working hard can only be achieved if you have the energy to do so. I struggled to keep the intensity throughout due to tired & heavy legs. But pain will not prevent me from training.


I have already registered for my next event – in 3 weeks time, HELL UP NORTH with my training Buddy – Neil Egerton. Not only is it a tough challenge to participate in, it has increased in distance too – now being the Half Marathon distance. We have copeted in this event several times each, over the past 4 years.

The event means that we will have a slightly different focus in our training, increasing our upper body strength, rather than just on the cardio through running. A few weeks of weight training will be required to complete the event successfully.


Under Amour gives you Muscles!!!



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