Training Diary – Day 580

What do you do the day after running your first Half Marathon – simple, go training again. Just like I did today. I spent the afternoon teaching PE in school and then left to go to the gym – would I just do a gentle Static Bike ride or have a relaxing jog on the treadmill?

I decided a gentle but steady pace on the treadmill would be a good idea – quick and easy way of working the stiffness out of my leg muscles, or so I thought!! I was meant to go for a road run around the local park with Derek, training buddy – as his pacer but got stuff later than usual in school. That meant he went on his own and I got stuff in the gym – heat and all.

So the challenge was on, a gentle pace to get the heaviness out of my legs, the feeling of stiffness and to just loosen them up a bit more. I intended to just do about 15mins or around 2km distance but as usual that didn’t happen. My legs took over the run and my mind was being starved of information from the covered display screen. Bubble world was helping me to just get on with the run and I actually forgot to monitor my pace.

When I realised what I was attempting to do it was too late, I had ran 5km on the treadmill on auto-pilot and in a time of 28mins 47secs – much much faster & further than planned. As I reached the 5km distance, I could feel the heaviness in my legs getting worse – the aches had returned. This was obviously not the reaction I was hoping for but at least one positive would come out of it – another 5km fast-ish run to recover. A great wave of realisation hit me that I was doing too much so soon after yesterday’s HM.

Time to stop and go home.

So I did ….





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