Training Diary – Day 578


Today was my turn to volunteer for the #WidnesParkRun – with my training buddy Edgie. I was on ‘Scanner’ duty & Edgie was ‘Token Support’. We decided to do this so that we didn’t do the run today. preparing for the EHM tomorrow. It’s just an opportunity to have a bit of a giggle with some other like-minded folk.

infpq2os.jpg large

Chatting to some of the other volunteers, we were not alone with this idea, appears to be quite a few of us doing either the ’10km’ or the ‘Half Marathon’ events in Warrington. Lots of different approaches to how we intend to run the event, from sub2hrs to sub2hrs20mins or even just finishing. We also discussed how we regenerate energy during the run – gels, blocks, water or energy drinks – quite an interesting topic I found. For me it is sticking the the gels this time and maybe looking at the blocks for the future. (Edgie does it the opposite – blocks.)


For the rest of today I will be chilling and trying to have as much rest as possible. But first I’m going to try and get some new running kit – shorts & shirt, as I’ve been a little uncomfortable this week with retaining the sweat. Hope to be able to find some better shorts with a bigger pocket for the extra gels.

Run day preparation isn’t the usual getting up, dressed and then run – like most of my training sessions. For me it is preparing my kit – shirt, short, run number, gels, water etc .. so that I can just get up knowing I have checked everything I need. Then it is my loading up on the carbs – tonight it will be Spicy Chilli Chicken & Pasta for my evening meal, followed by plenty of water. An early night is a must and then an early light breakfast in the morning – a bowl of cornflakes usually.

Edgie & I had a good chat about our race plan tomorrow. He did a Half Marathon event last weekend and has been resting this week, feeling a bit stiff/sore in his right calf. Our aim is to start off in the 2hrs 20mins wave, staying in front of this group for about 8/9miles – then looking to increase our pace for the last 2/3 miles. Hopefully this will enable us to go for a faster time – 2hrs 12mins would be a New PB for Edgie and my first official time. (I did 2hrs 19mins a few weeks ago but struggled for the last few km – recovering from illness.)


Whatever happens tomorrow will be an achievement for me and one that I hope to build on in the coming months. I am motivated, inspired and more than every ready for this challenge – I will succeed.


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