Training Diary – Day 577

Yesterday was a bit of a wash out in terms of training. I had planned on going to Alison’s 45mins Circuit Training Session but the weather changed that idea.


I spent most of the afternoon teaching PE to Y3 & Y4 – followed by an after school football club for Y4, Y5 & Y6. All out in the beautiful sunshine. (A total of 3hrs+ of heat & sweat.) By the time I got home I was wiped out with exhaustion and needed to re-hydrate with plenty of water. I gave myself about 30mins to recover before I was going to Alison’s session – getting ready in my training kit and chilling on the couch for a little while. However, that also didn’t go to plan either – finding myself waking up about an hour later and that meant I missed about half of the session.

So instead I decided to extend my chilling to include one of my favourite recovery activities – a Hot Lobster Bath for about 60mins. A cup of tea, biscuit & #SmoothRadio whilst just doing nothing before an early night in bed watching #IAmParalympicGB winning more medals.


Tonight is the planned ‘Rest Day’ a term I don’t particularly like, means I get to do nothing and have an excuse for it. I was going to do some gentle stretching using the foam roller and to relax and recover properly from my week’s so called tapering off training ready for the English Half Marathon on Sunday.

I’ve had quite a few ‘Best Wishes’ from people who know I am competing in the event, my first official Half Marathon in many years. But more importantly my recovery from knee surgery towards the end of last year. I have trained from 0km to 21km+ in 8 months and this will be a massive physical & psychological test for me.


After putting in the many hours of training every week, I feel that I am in a good place when talking about my fitness levels. I am really looking forward to doing this event to the best of my physical abilities. And YES I am aiming to do a good time, would love to get near the 2hrs6mins – 2hrs15mins  time, but hey ho as long as I finish without getting injured I will be both ‘Proud’ & ‘ Pleased’ with completing the event.


As part of my chilling tonight, I am ‘Ice-Packing’ both my knees whilst resting. There is no medical reason for doing this, but I have got into the habit of doing this after each training session and it makes my legs/knees feel really good. The aches and pains in my muscles just disappear completely and they feel great. So if it helps my efforts, then I will continue to do it.




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