Training Diary – Day 575

4th Day of Tapering sessions:

After an early night yesterday, I felt reasonably recovered today and looked at the plan for my training session. Again, the idea of tapering off tonight was the main focus – 7mins per km pace is the target timing (again.)


Going out for a road run was going to be a problem again tonight, but the complete opposite of yesterday. Instead of the ‘torrential rain’ like yesterday, tonight was the heat of a temperature around 25C – too hot to run outside.


So it was either going on the treadmill to run or no run at all – only one answer to that issue…  to the gym it would be. Now whilst preparing myself on the treadmill, music, water, towel & the fan – I noticed that the humidity in the gym was a lot more than outside on the roads. Very little air was circulating and the air that was felt warm & dry to the taste. This was going to be a little more of a challenge than I was expecting.

A total of 5km in 35mins was going to be enough for me tonight, taking into consideration the target pace I was intending to set myself. Plenty of water to drink before I started and off I went – steady pace and feeling good. My towel was covering the display screen as usual, my music was loud in my ears and I was feeling positive. Within about 10mins I was starting to feel the effects of the humidity in the gym – the fan was useless and only circulated the hot air. More water, regular sips of water and constant drinking was the only way to cope during my run.


I just carried on running & drinking my water, listening to my music until I thought I’d completed the 5km – 35mins period. Yeah that was what I thought too. I had actually ran 6km distance but only ran for 32mins 34secs. I was somewhat confused again – how had I ran that pace again tonight – I was just trying to slow my pace down. My actual 7mins pace per km was nowhere near what I had been running – I did 5mins 16secs per km and was feeling really good, if extremely hot.


In this picture I don’t look half as hot & sweaty as I was in the gym – my tired looking smile is one for the motivation. I knew I had worked hard and was just trying to appear less tired than I was feeling.


This one shows my t-shirt looking a charcoal grey shade of colour – but in reality it should be a pale grey. The darker colouring is down to the amount of sweat that I had excreted during the run – confirming the humidity, my efforts and just how tired I was feeling. (Just a note – the band around my left knee is not to protect an injury, but is how I retain my fitbit whilst running. It records every step I take more accurate than having it on my wrist.)


Back at home and I was going to enjoy and ice-cold vanilla protein shake, a much needed re-hydration and recovery shake. I thoroughly enjoyed resting and just spending a little time sipping the protein shake and savouring the feeling. Next tonight will be for me to have another early night and to give myself as much of an opportunity to recover quickly.


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