Training Diary – Day 574

CjsnESSUkAEliHm.jpg large

Day 2 of tapering off training week:

Well that didn’t seem to go right either. I’m sure it is meant to be a decrease in the intensity of the training session!! The plan was to go for a steady 5km road run around the local park and aim for that target time of 7mins per km and just take it easy. (That WAS the plan.) Instead we had one almighty down pour of rain at the same time I was preparing to go for the gentle jog – hence a change of plan had to be looked at.


I chose the best of the two evils – Soaking wet & cold on the road or soaking wet & hot in the gym. It was the treadmill in the gym. I decided just to keep to what I knew would be a safer bet, staying in the gym and not risking getting a cold before the weekend. Into my ‘Bubble World’ I went, listening to the Housemartins & Beautiful South albums and singing voicelessly to myself in my head.

Towel covering the display screen and off I went on my little 5km gentle jog – focusing on the 7mins per km pace. Yeah right that lasted all of about 1minute, as I got bored running slow again. I also think it depends on the beat of the song being played, because I was really trying to run at the slower pace. I had calculated listening to 14 tracks/songs during the run which should get me to around 5km in the 35mins – ish.

Again that went down the wrong way because I lost focus of the time and concentrated more on the number of tracks/songs. I ended up running much further than I expected to do – instead of just doing the 5km distance I completed 8km – that was a comfortable distance but the shock came in the time it took. I did the 8km in 43mins 33secs – breaking the pace down to around 5mins 26secs per km.

Now usually I would be quite pleased with that as a time for an 8km event but when you are deliberately trying to run slower, it becomes a pain in the neck and a disappointment. Instead of doing that distance in a time of 56mins – if I had planned to do that distance in the first place, I ended up being over 12mins faster. If I had carried on at that pace, which was fairly comfortable, I would have equaled my best 10km time of sub55mins.

My pace over the last few runs has been much quicker than recent weeks, getting back to the 2hrs 6mins time period for the Half Marathon. Although I’m not aiming for that sort of target time – more nearer to sub2hrs 20mins, it is nice to feel that the faster time is possible if I have the perfect conditions.

I will look to take some new measurements of my leg muscles, to see the development & impact of my training sessions. The above photos where from mid-April and I wasn’t feeling as strong as I am now. I was at 10km distance around then so wasn’t expecting too much of an improvement. Now I can see a significant muscle development and it all down to my positive approach to regaining my fitness levels in such a short period of time. The Half Marathon this weekend will certainly be a challenge for me and one that I am going to proudly do my best – whatever the end time.


Never give up until you finish.



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