Training Diary – Day 573


This week’s training focus is aimed at tapering down my efforts down so not to be too tired for the English Half Marathon this weekend.


So as usual I went on a ‘Pacer’ run for one of my training buddies, Derek – as he is building up his distances & speed. Tonight it was only a 4km run for him but I increased his pace to under 7mins15secs per km. A slight improvement of his pace by 20secs+ per km so he is on the right track. I even told him that after my Half Marathon, I am entering him in a 5km event so that he can get a ‘Gimmee’. He just laughed.


Once we got back to the gym is was just a matter of a little bit of a power walk on a gradient, using the treadmill. The focus was to increase his cardio whilst power walking up hill. (A short 10mins blast was enough for tonight because on our next run he will be doing some hill work with me later in the week.)

So that was today’s much easier session than usual for me – preparing my cardio for the weekend. I am hoping to do a good time and looking forward to running with my other running buddy – Edgie…..  To improve our PB’s for the HM.



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