Training Diary – Day 571

Bit of a late start to the morning and I missed #ParkRun as a result – slept in until 9.00am. After a bit of breakfast and a stretching on the foam roller, I went to the gym to do my much needed run out for the day.


The question I was considering on the way to the gym was ‘How far should I run?’ seen as it was my own fault for missing the 5km parkrun. I knew that 5km wasn’t going to be enough and that I should really aim for more today – it was going to be my last longer run before next weekend’s Half Marathon but couldn’t be too long.

Ok then, the plan was to do two things, a 10km or 60mins run and try to keep to a steady pace. A 6mins per km pace would be good and cater for both the aims of the run. The only trouble would be keeping to that pace, which is really slow for me over that distance. When I thought about it, I was aiming for a 7mins per km would be more useful because it would be a slower but steady pace and help me with next week.

The gym was hot & humid again tonight and I just knew I would require much more water intake than when running on the roads. Music on – House Martins/Beautiful South’s mixed compilation for my training sessions, and then into my own ‘Bubble World’ of running without distractions. I was hoping that the little ‘Mind Monsters’ didn’t get into my head today, I could really do without them and focus on the plan.

I covered the display screen with my towel and started running – increasing the speed slightly every now and again to keep me interested on the distance. However, that was also going against my plan – but boredom kept setting in and I needed to just refocus on the distance. I wasn’t struggling with my distance, my breathing was good and my legs felt strong.

The first 60mins time period seemed to fly by and I thought I was going to have to do the extra 10mins to complete the 10km in the 70mins. How silly of me for thinking that!!! I had completed 10.28km in the 60mins; or the 10km in sub59mins. So much for my 7mins per km timing plan. I ended up running 11mins faster than planned and that meant although I improved without trying, I actually failed the task.

To be honest, I found it much harder to run a ‘Forced Slow’ pace than I did actually just going out and running. On a positive note I felt much stronger in my breathing and no side effects from the allergic reaction a few weeks ago. Maybe the longer recovery has helped more than I was expecting.

Just a funny thought of the day after I had finished my session today. As I walked along the corridor I thought I had left the lid off my water bottle – a trail of water was following behind me. To my shock & embarrassment the water trail was actually from my training kit – I was dripping with sweat and it was quite alot……


Tonight I am just going to chill and be inspired further by watching the #ParalympicsRio2016 and #IAmParalympicTeamGB #SuperHumans. What an amazing group of people to have as examples of achievements.

Tomorrow is another day and more time to train.



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