Training Diary – Day 569

A long and tiring day again today – here, there and everywhere it felt like. So I definitely needed some ‘LEGO’ Time at the gym tonight.


So off to see Alison and her evil approach to our sessions – the usual multi-level approach to each exercise. As usual I just had to do the more difficult exercises, though it did tire me much quicker than I expected. ‘Stop Slacking’ came the shout several times from behind me – Alison loved payback time.

A few of the usual exercises included; Wall Squats, Leg Raises, Toe Taps, Bicep Curls, bench press, sprints, Mountain Climbers, ABS Twists – to name just a few. Each week Alison introduces a new exercise, a different degree of difficulty or just a longer time period for each exercise. Lately she ha added ‘High Knees’ between each exercise – for 30secs.

Once we had finished it was home and my first Hot Lobster Bath in a couple of weeks – and I enjoyed it very much. The chance to chill & relax in the bath for 20mins was most delightful….


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