Training Diary – Day 566

First day back at school and it was an INSET Day – pretty much boring but still had to do it. As soon as it was fine to leave, I was off – Gym TIME!!.


I was going for an easier recovery run tonight – pacing for Derek (one of my running buddies) and a gentle stretch from yesterday’s Refereeing. Now Derek was feeling a lot of stiffness in his legs from his training over the weekend, so he too just wanted a gentle run out around the local park roads. We did a shorter route but I included the hills so that it wasn’t too easy for both of us. The distance was only 4km the pace was 7mins a km. – completed it in 28mins 13secs. Not too slow but still a workout.

Then it was back into the gym for some weight training on the machines. A few reps of the upper body areas and an early end to the evening session.

Home was the final part to today’s training – a lovely freshly made Peach/Vanilla/Raspberry flavoured protein shake.


A nice surprise came in the post today too – my English Half Marathon Race Number:


Only 13 days to go before the big day ….  Yippee!!!


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