Training Diary – Day 565

After a few days off – partly rest days & partly down to some unforeseen circumstances, I went out and did my 2nd favourite pass time – Football Refereeing.


I had a little bit of traveling to do to get to the game – WPL, but that didn’t really matter, as I was looking forward to the game. A new season, a new set of Laws and plenty of time to get fitter over the year. Any opportunity to do some extra training is good to me.

The game was reasonably quick today and I had to keep my concentration throughout – nothing difficult but just to ensure my decision making was spot on.

My #FitBit data shows that I did 17000+ STEPS and ran a total of 13.47km before, during and to warm down after. Not bad for an old Referee.

Tomorrow is back to school for the start of the new year and this is when we start to get more focused on my training runs. Late nights means shorter runs in the dark and more gym work. But I have only 13 days left to go before the EHM – so not too many short runs.


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