Training Diary – Day 560

Need to feel the pain today after the Bank Holiday yesterday. So it was a trip to my 2nd home and a self imposed challenge.


It has been quite a warm & humid day and I was expecting the gym to be just as hot – as usual. So I decided to increase the level of the Hills from Level 5 to Level 7, which doesn’t sound that much – until you actually do it. I also increased the time from 45mins to 60mins in an effort to improve my cardio.


And here is the evidence of my sweaty efforts on the Static Bike – 60mins = 50.12km on L7 showing a marked increase in the cardio to complete it. I even had 2 other fellas trying to secretly beat or keep up with me – I just love it when I get people trying to compete with me – I just end up working harder and then they realise they can’t do it – lol.

CiCSONdWMAE3PVP.jpg large

This is my vanilla protein shake with the addition of some fresh peaches, oranges, pears & natural yoghurt smoothie for a refreshing end to training.

So tomorrow’s challenge is a road run during the day – focusing on a 20km time in preparation for the English Half Marathon in 17 days time.



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