Training Diary – Day 557

Today was going to be my showing support for #IAmTeamGB & #WidnesParkRun, as per my posts from yesterday.

As part of my Summer Holiday traveling around the area, under the title of #ParkRunRoadTrip – Week6, we stayed local and did the Widnes ParkRun today – Paul & I, with Edgie away in London. The course isn’t that much of a challenge, but does work your legs on the 3rd lap around the duck pond.


Paul & I agreed that we just complete the run today, as we have both had a harder training week than usual. For Paul, he said his legs felt tired & heavy and I was still struggling with my breathing – I even felt a little sickly when I got to the park. The weather was warm, with very little – if any breeze.

Around we both went on the first lap and things didn’t feel quite right for me – I suggested Paul carry on at his own pace and complete his run. I was most definitely feeling sickly and the little ‘Head Monsters’ were going to test me. Paul stayed with me for the run and we completed it – with me if was a matter of only just without being sick. My throat was sore again, my tummy had the bubbling feeling you get before you want to be sick. My drink bottle was the focus after the run – not to drink but to try and re-hydrate my mouth.

After a few minutes of resting I felt a little better again – not sure if I had eaten too late or if it was a reaction to my sore throat again. Either way I just wanted to get home and have a rest.

Our time for today’s #ParkRun was recorded as 27mins 06secs for the both of us. This was a New PB for Paul, but about 90secs slower than my own PB. All things taken into account that time wasn’t as bad as I had expected.


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