Training Diary – Day 556

CjsnESSUkAEliHm.jpg large

Thought about doing something different today in my training session. Something that would challenge me but also not just tire me out too much for tomorrow’s #ParkRun.


The #WidnesParkRun is involved in the #IAmTeamGB event tomorrow and I am doing my bit whilst running, wearing my #TeamGB T-Shirt.


So I thought about extending my Static Bike Challenge and the Hill Climbing that I usually do the 30mins period for a warm up. Today it was going to be an 80minute period on thus usual programme – challenging myself for the distance. Although the time was much longer, I wasn’t expecting the distance to be as increased. To my surprise I managed to complete 68.71km in the time and found it to be just a matter of switching off from what was happening in the gym – going into my own ‘Bubble World’ …

Coy3LwVWcAAGomP.jpg thumb

The effort I put in was much better than I anticipated and I found the need to refill my drink’s bottle after and hour – otherwise the heat/humidity in the gym would have caused me to dehydrate much quicker – I loved the challenge too. For the rest of tonight I’m going to have a Hot Lobster Bath and a little play on my Foam Roller.





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