Training Diary – Day 555

Finished off my ‘Meal Preparing’ this morning to cover the weekend and Bank Holiday. Plenty of food to keep me full and no effort in cooking needed – just what I wanted.


Tonight it a change of training routine from the week – back to Alison’s Circuit Training Class for a Challenge. As usual she had her multi-level exercises set up and was catering for me…..   explained why she has asked me several times this week if I was attending. The focus for the session was cardio as usual, but an added emphasis on legs & abs seemed to hurt more than usual this week.

By the end of the 45mins session I was drained and wringing wet with sweat. Alison certainly did work us all tonight. I was struggling a little bit near the end when it came to doing the Squats & ‘X’ Jumps for the 3rd rotation. But I didn’t give up and tried to complete the sets at the same levels.


Had a nice chat afterwards with Mark McG – talking about the next stages of my training plans and what he has install for his #Shredders Group.


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