Training Diary – Day 554

Enjoying the last few days of my lay-ins whilst I can before starting back at school soon. So today’s was a pleasure again. Nice cup of tea, read of the paper and a little TV before doing a bit of home training went down really well.


This afternoon it was my turn to do some ‘Pacing’ for Derek at the gym. We are aiming to increase his distance to 5km and improve his time to complete it. But being as mean as I am I include some hills and a slightly faster pace than he is use to. That way he will both see the difference and feel the effort needed. He completed about 4.5km in sub 32mins which is a great start for him. (He is 65yrs old and loves trying to challenge me – me too!!) I added a little extra loop to complete the 5km and still got back at the same time as him.


When we got back, Jody was already on the Static Bike Challenge – so I did a 15mins Speed session on the Random Hills to keep her company. Would have been rude not to!! If I recall she did 12.5km in 25mins on the Hills – where as I did 12.89km in the 15mins. Hahahaha Jody just laughed at me for being ‘Crazy’….. Plus when I did the ‘Crazy MAX RPM’ for the last minute – I managed 232 RPM – she just walked away shaking her head …


Never give up until you finish.



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