Training Diary – Day 553

Lovely lay-in this morning and most enjoyable. Slow start to the day with a trip to pay some bills, buy some more new sports kit and a food shop for the next week. Lots of #MealPrep to do today ready for the rest of the week.


The gym session was going to be a focus on my cardio – seeing if I could get back to my levels of 2 weeks ago. Still suffering from a very sore throat after each training/run session, so that makes me feel tight across the throat.

Static Bike – Hill Climbing Challenge as per usual would be a good start. The heat/humidity in the gym was very evident – even the fans where blowing warm air around the machines. My 30mins efforts for the Alpine Pass program at level 5 was the first time I had done this in a few weeks. I was expecting to be a lot less than usual, but in actual fact I managed 26.92km and was pleased. The heat did make a difference too – sweating and loose pedal straps added to the difficulties. (I even managed to increase my RPM to a massive 238 for the last minute of the challenge – previously was 222 RPM)


Next was the Treadmill Fitness Test – the 12mins of hill climbing from a gradient of 0.0 upto 16.0 without releasing the hand grips or having a Heart Rate over 150BPM. Sounds easy enough on its own, but after the Bike Challenge it is pure murder. My results were that I achieved a SUPERIOR Fitness Level and a submax VO2 of 58.9% – a little lower than expected but still about my Age Expected Level.


My final torture session for the day was back on the Static Bike – the Random Hills Challenge. This was 15mins of speed over random hills and it is a killer. I completed 12.19km in the time period at Level 5 and another good 235 RPM for the last 1 minute of the challenge.

So to quantify today’s results in my usual way – I am not as far behind my fitness level as I though from 2 weeks ago. The recovery results do show a dip but that is to be expected. All I need to do now is continue with more cardio work and keep treating my sore throat. If I can manage this then I will be in a better place that I expected.



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