Training Diary – Day 552

Enjoyed a good night’s sleep and a chill watching TV. Treated myself to a 1/2 roast chicken and small portion of chips, followed by my first beer in months. Was my way of enjoying the past months of training and being (fairly) pleased with my progress to date.


Today’s training session was meant to be a sort of ‘Recovery’ one – following yesterday’s efforts in the 10km run. So I made arrangements with Derek, Alison’s Dad, and we met at the gym. It was the first time I’d been the gym in over 2weeks so I was going to take it easy – hence the recovery session. We both decidedto go and do a road run around the local area, including a couple of small hills as the challenge. We completed a 4km run in sub24mins and it felt fairly easy to do.


Next was a play with some of the free weights and dumb bells – but Derek has an arm injury so it wasn’t going to be any heavy weight lifting. A few upper body exercises and a bit of a giggle was the answer – we both were still sweating from our earlier run with the humidity in the gym.


To finish off the session today it was a blast on the treadmill and I wanted to test my breathing & recovery again. Derek decided to do a jog/walk on his treadmill whilst I went for a run. Initially it was a gentle warm down run for me but as usual – I got carried away and pushed the pace. Instead of finishing off with a 6min km jog, I ended up doing a 1km sprint in 3mins 45secs – which made sure that I was most definitely out of breath and breathing really heavy.  It did the trick though, I didn’t suffer any problems whilst I was recovering – I even managed to regulate my breathing quickly enough to have a chat afterwards.

So now that I can recover without too much of a struggle, I aim to go back to the gym again in the morning – looking to increase my cardio again.



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