Training Diary – Day 551

Up early and a proper breakfast this morning – preparing for the 10km run event. Edgie my training buddy , was here well early too – he got up and couldn’t sleep so he decided to make sure I was sorted too.

I ensured that I had taken my meds, my cough medicine and my sore throat lozenges before getting dressed into my running kit – that way I was certain that I hadn’t missed anything out. Our pre-race check done, number & timing chip, meant it was all systems go and my turn to drive.

When we got to the location, it was pouring down and as usual – different from the weather forecast. So being our usual selves, we where prepared for even the rain – lol.


What a sight the pair of us where …..    But hey, we where dry and just threw them in the bin before we started the run.

Once we started the run it was down to business for us, a steady pace was what we had discussed and one that wasn’t too fast. All was going well for the first few km but the pace was just slightly faster than I had planned – around 5mins 30secs a km. This usually wouldn’t be an issue but because of my sore throat/breathing issues I was finding it just too much. I managed to keep the pace for about 4km (around 22mins) but then I was having the same problem with my throat/breathing. I couldn’t keep it going so told Edgie to do his own race/time and off he went – feeling good and confident.

For me, the next 6km where a struggle and the added difficulty was the inclusion of the hills from the 7km-9km marks and this slowed me down more than I expected. Trying to breath through a sore throat, whilst running up hills isn’t the easiest thing to do and I was suffering by my efforts. The other runners around me were also struggling on the hills so it made me feel a little bit better.

The final km went really quick, once the hills had been overcome. The pace increased again and I even managed to have a little sprint over the finish line. Then it was down to what my time was going to be……   The finish line had a massive timing clock that had been started on the gun. However, due to the number of runners, the chip was the only official way of receiving a time. I used my Garmin Watch as a guide and talking to the other finishers around me as we crossed the line, we completed in sub60mins. (Edgie, however, had managed to improve his 10km PB to around 55mins – so well down to him too.)

Afterwards, we met up with a number of other runners from our local Running Club/ParkRun and we had a good chat – lots of good results and happy runners all round.


So now that it is all over until the next event, a HALF-MARATHON in 4 weeks, it is time to start looking at increasing the distance to 20km next week – but only if I resolve my throat issues quickly.

The medal & free T-Shirt are quite cool and worth the event fee. A well organised and trouble free event and I would recommend it to others.


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