Training Diary – Day 550

A Rest Day again today in preparation for the #Birchwood10km run tomorrow.

CqPG2yDWYAEykuy.jpg thumb

Both, Myself & my training buddy – Edgie took it easy and volunteered to do our local #WidnesParkRun early this morning – ‘Scanner & Token Support’ – hahahaha. It was quite strange as we both had the ‘twitchy legs’ as we just stood around and watched the other runners doing their best efforts. Afterwards, another first for us was to stay around and have a hot drink and a chat.

Tomorrow though should be different though. Edgie is feeling in good form and could well go and try to improve his 10km time, whereas I’m not in the best of fitness and struggling a little bit still. So my aim will be first to enter and complete the run – looking for around 60mins this time, which will be a slow but steady pace for me. Depending on how I am feeling during the run, will determine if I try to increase my pace to a faster time. Top up on my meds before I go, a bit of cough medicine and some energy gels will be the best I can do for tomorrow. Failing a descent time, I will just use the event as a training run for the Half-Marathon I’ve entered in 3 weeks time. (Always a positive from a bad situation.)


An early night, plenty of protein intake and a good sleep is hopefully going to help me tomorrow. From the conversations we have had with other local runners, there are going to be a good number we know in the #Birchwood10km – so good luck to them all too.


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