Training Diary – Day 549

Not been a good period over the past 10 days ….   nothing to do with my training but severe enough to put me out for the whole  time.


After my #HalfMarathonTraining run last week, I was feeling really fit & healthy and looking forward to a few easy days to recover. I arranged a trip to see Zak, Beka, #Dib & #Dab up in Newcastle and to stay over for a few days to help them out with some jobs. Things started off ok and I was enjoying being up there with them but then it all fell apart. I ended up with 2 trips by ambulance to the General Hospital – suffering from 2 severe allergic reactions that cause breathing difficulties for me. Apart from being embarrassed by this, as all the medical tests they did came back as my being very fit & healthy – BMP/ECG/X-Rays/Lungs/Blood Sugars etc ….   What a way to get a free MOT!!!

Appears that I may not like the Cat or an Ivy plant – as these are the only two things that we could associate with the reactions. I have to have an ‘Allergy Assessment’ to try and identify what caused the problems. My throat was swollen and very sore, causing me to constantly cough – then choke. But after being given a course of steroids it started to clear up enough for me to breath a little easier. I have had the sore throat and a gruff voice ever since.

The Hospital Consultant advised me not to train until I had completed the drugs and when my sore throat was a lot more settled. For the past 8 days I have sat patiently, being good and following the medical advice. I have seen the changes becoming clearer and my sore throat being less of an issue. So today I went for a very short outing around the local area – a 2.3km run as a tester.


I used the excuse of dropping my car off into the garage, as a reason to run back home the 2.3km. Although it isn’t far I was a little concerned about how I would feel/react to doing this. The weather was a mixture of light rain, but also hot & humid and I was having a little battle with the ‘Doubt Monsters’ in my head. The route was mainly flat to a gentle rise, but I did work much harder than I planned to do, completing the distance in 12mins. The humidity made it more of a challenge for me and although I was focusing on my breathing, it still felt like I was struggling more than I usually do at that pace.


Once home it was a nice hot shower, some cough medicine and throat lozenges before I settled down to continue watching the #RIO2016 Olympics. I had to test myself today because I have a 10km Road Run on Sunday and need to get the distance in my legs, as I build up for my Half-Marathon in 3 weeks time. It may seem like a very short distance to do but I am just looking to see if I have any reactions, as I am not running in my local #ParkRun this weekend – opting to be a volunteer this time. (Therefore I won’t have any easier opportunities to do a tester run before Sunday.)

CjsnESSUkAEliHm.jpg large


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