Training Diary – Day 538

After a full ‘Non-Training’ Day yesterday … I did DIY most of the day instead, I had to do my long run for the week today.


It was #HalfMarathonTrainingDay – an increase of my distance to 17.5km with my training buddy – Edgie. We planned a route that was both long and challenging for us, going out into the countryside and included a few hills. (One pretty long long that seemed to go on between the 7km & 9km markers.)

infpq2os.jpg large

This is how it felt about 5mins before we set off – nice casual but steady pace of around 7mins per  1km, aiming for about 2hrs to do the distance – or a 2hrs 27mins Half Marathon pace to aim at.

Well that didn’t quite go to plan!!!

Despite both of us constantly reminding each other to slow down a bit, at various parts of the run, we some how managed to be about 11mins ahead of our target time, even though we did do a couple of water & energy gels stops – as we do find it hard to get it into our systems.

We completed the course, including the one significant hill, around the 8km mark, and were impressed initially with the time – 17.5km in 1hr 49mins (well ahead of our Half Marathon ~Target – and now sub 2hrs 10mins.)


We ended the run looking more like this than the happy smiling start we had. Although the time was better than expected, with a little bit of reflection and mental calculations – we could have improved the time a little bit, maybe upto 5mins.  We came to this conclusion because our 1km splits where a little up & down – early ones being sub6mins and the later ones around 6mins 20secs. Looking at the Garmin Data for the run – we averaged 6mins 15secs per km, which was too fast for our plan.

On a positive note though – I have less than 5weeks to improve my Half Marathon times, before I actually do my event – 18th September, so I can see where I can improve. I also know that I have the distance and speed in my legs, finishing off today’s run like I usually do – with an increased pace for the last few km.


Never give up until you finish.


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