Training Diary – Day 536


Today is a rest day from my #DoubleTrainingSession – but not actually a FULL rest day. It is #ParkRun Saturday – yeah!!!

Our #ParkRunRoadTrip – Week 3 is taking us to the #CrosbyParkRun and a little surprize of running on the beach in part. Soft sand and dunes are going to be a killer for us, Myself, Neil & Paul – but we are always up for a challenge.


As you can see before the star of the run it was glorious sunshine (around 20c at 9am) and we where smiling in anticipation….  Unknown to us the terrain had at least 3 elements – Tarmac, grass & sand dunes and the last 1km+ of soft sand on the beach …  a local female runner explained the course to us (Quote – “It’s a F&*ker of a routine and I hate it!!”

5km later and the smiles had definitely gone, the temperature had risen and the sweaty faces where red and pained. Our new Lady runner described the course quite accurately and it was a painful run today.

However, we had a really good surprise when we finished – looking at our times. We all expected to struggle with the pace, as we didn’t know the route and tried to keep a steady pace. The other runners seemed to go off very fast and we hung back for the first 2km to get into our running rhythm. Paul obviously felt in better condition as he stretched a small lead of about 50m ahead of us, he caught up with our new friend. Neil & I stayed together and found a 2nd wind when we ran along the promenade – a gentle breeze coming off the sea helped a little bit too.

Then the pain hit us!!!  It was down on to the sandy beach and out by the Crosby Statues – which are quite disturbing at first sight …. sunken metal statues far out into the beach.


The sand was really difficult to run on at times, wet in parts and then just so unsettled beneath your feet and making you sink with each stride. The last 1km+ seemed to go on for ages. Then it was over!! Just as quickly as you started on the beach, the finish line was 50m just off the beach – that was the most enjoyable sight of the run.

Now that we had finished we all looked shocked, surprised, stunned or words of similar description. Paul, who was ahead of us finished with a New PB – 25mins 31secs and he was so pleased with his time. Next was me and a time of 26mins 17secs – about 1min slower than my PB but a very impressive time I thought. Neil was the 3rd of us and only a few seconds behind me – he just missed out on a New PB too but was well pleased.

At the end of the run we all agreed that the course was a challenge – but one that we would most definitely look at doing again. The weather, the beach and the lovely scenery made the run feel time we where abroad. Haven’t been able to say that much over the past few weeks.

Our next #ParkRunRoadTrip – Week 4 is yet to be decided so it is time to look around the NorthWest courses over the weekend.


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