Training Diary – Day 533

#DoubleTrainingSessions – Day 3

Up and out earlier than normal today, excited to be going to the gym. I was on a mission after yesterday’s efforts. I did work hard but felt I should have done better for the 2nd session.

I was going to beat all of yesterday’s results – no doubts about it in my mind. I was even going to wear the #Shredders pale blue T-Shirt and go all out for the #SweatyTrainingShirt challenge. (Mark McG/PT was going to witness my efforts, with the added pressure of beating 200RPM on the Static Bike Challenges.


Static Bike – Alpine Pass Challenge in Session 1 was tough going – but I still beat yesterday’s results. In the 30mins Hill Climbing I completed 27.21km today, much better than yesterday. (I managed to do 204RPM for the last minute sprint challenge and was impressed with that too.)

Treadmill – Fitness Test.  I was able to complete this as my recovery session and my SubMax VO2 data was 62.7% – again not bad for my age band.

Static Bike – Random Hills.  This was a little bit more of a challenge again today – tiredness was setting in. I completed the 15mins period on L5 and that produced 12.27km too.

(In total so far this week, I have completed 196km in 225mins of Static Bike Hill Climbing Challenges – and I can feel it in my legs.)

Session 2 – A slight change was going to take place.

I had arranged to meet up with Derek, another training partner for me to work with. I was a little early so I decided to do some training rather than having a little sit down.

Treadmill – Fitness Test.  I was able to complete this as a warm up session and my SubMax VO2 data was 63.1% a slight improvement from this morning.


When Derek turned up I was glad that he wanted to go for a road run – he had missed 9 weeks of running due to injury and wanted to start off again. We agreed to just do a local route we know, but at a steady pace. We did 4km run around the local park/hill and he was pleased with the time being sub25mins. It was a steady pace, but not too difficult as a training run. Afterwards, Derek went on the Treadmill as a cool down and I had a chat with Jody, another training partner – but she was up for more of a challenge.

Static Bike – Random Hills.  This was more of a challenge and I was winding Jody up about her speed/pace. We agreed to do the last minute sprint challenge to see who could achieve the highest RPM at the end. Jody managed to do 177RPM & 11.25km, which is really good and I was impressed – although I didn’t tell her. I completed the 15mins period and that produced 12.41km – which was my best effort so far this week. However, I was even more amazed at my last minute sprint efforts – I did 222RPM and that was like I was trying to take off and fly. (Jody was amazed as she had not seen this speed be achieved before and was gob-smacked.)

#FitBit STEPS for today was in excess of 37,700, and was my highest daily total ever too. (My total for 3 days so far is 108,000STEPS+)


Tonight I am reflecting on today’s efforts and taking the opportunity to have a rest.


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