Training Diary – Day 532


Never give up until you finish.

Day 2 of Double Training Sessions.

Plan is to do the same routine as yesterday but to increase the distances covered if I can.

Session 1:  The Static Bike was a good start on the Hill Climbing Challenge – trying to beat yesterdays distance was going to be difficult, if only by a matter of a few hundred meters. I completed 26.39km in the 30mins at Level 5. I felt tired doing this but Mark McG, my PT gave me a bit of reverse psychology, saying I couldn’t get to 200RPM at the end of the challenge. (I only managed 196RPM in this session.)

The Treadmill Fitness Test was a bit of a struggle too – recovering from the heat/sweat was creating a challenge for me to breath – stupid chest infection started up again on the Static Bike. My SubMax VO2 was 61.7% this time, a lot lower than yesterday’s data.

The 2nd effort on the Static Bike – Random Hills Challenge, meant a rather tiring effort on my legs. The hills today where much more steeper than expected and took a lot more out of me again. I managed to do 12.31km in the 15mins period.

Session 2:  Static Bike meant that I was aiming to beat the 200RPM challenge thrown down to me earlier – So completing the 30mins Alpine Pass Challenge meant a little bit faster and increased distance – not much but enough to get to the 206RPM. I did 26.81km in the 30mins period.

Treadmill Fitness Test was no different than earlier – just a slight increase in the SubMax VO2 (62.1%) so that meant my recovery was less than yesterday but still able to be better than my age band.

Static Bike – Random Hills was just about manageable tonight and meant that I was close to my limits. The lunch break I had was not enough and that left my energy levels lower than I needed. Moral of today’s training is to eat more!!

My #FitBit totalfor today is matching yesterday’s – 35,000 STEPS+ so at least I am keeping above my daily targets.


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