Training Diary – Day 531

New Month = New Training Regime ….


My training today included a visit to the gym for both sessions – making the first session a challenge for me to beat later. It’s been a week or so since my last gym session, due to Runs & keeping my #FitBit STEPS high.


Static Bike – Alpine Pass Hill Climbing Challenge was a bit of a struggle this morning – my chest infection hasn’t cleared up so breathing became as difficult as climbing up the hills. The usual 30mins challenge on Level 5 was a struggle with the heat in the gym. I managed to do 26.20km and felt quite tired afterwards.


Next was the Treadmill Fitness Test – 14mins of Steady Walking up a gradient from 0.0 to 16.0 whilst keeping my HR below 150BPM. Again a challenge as I was struggling to breath because of the chest infection. Results came back as SUPERIOR Fitness & a SubMax VO2 of 68.7% which isn’t too shabby.


The final activity for this first session was the Static Bike Challenge – using the Random Hill Challenge. This time it was a 15mins period and a totally random use of the Hills. I managed 12.22km this time.


The afternoon enabled me to have my protein shake and a few hours to rest/chill in preparation for my 2nd session.

Session 2:

This was just a repeat of session one and the challenge of beating the earlier results.

Static Bike – Alpine Pass Challenge – 30mins and I improved the distance to 26.52km with more of a struggle.

Treadmill Fitness Test – same results but an improved SubMax VO2 of 71.5% – again a struggle to breath.



Static Bike – Random Hills Challenge – 15mins and 12.26km completed.

That made a total of nearly 78km Hill Climbing in 90mins today – that was hard though. As a warm down I did a few weights and that meant I was able to show off my #SweatyShirt as evidence of my efforts – well pleased.

My #FitBit STEPS today so far are 35,000+ and I’m aiming for inexcess of 150,000 STEPS for the 5 day week challenge.


Final thing was to go home and have another protein shake and my favourite Hot Lobster Bath before chilling in front of the TV in preparation for Day 2 of my double training sessions.

To be fair I do feel shattered and ready for an early night in bed.



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