Training Diary – Day 529

After a week off from my usual training regime, I was visiting my unborn Grandsons – #Dib & #Dab and their Mum & Dad in Newcastle. Lots of walking whilst up there – 130,000+ STEPS on the #FitBit. Came home on Thursday night and did abit of my own jobs yesterday.


So today it was back to normal training and WEEK2 of the #ParkRunRoadTrip – visiting  #StHelensParkrun with my running buddy, Edgie, and Paul B attempting yet another new course. The course was 3.5 laps and had a long slow hill which you ran up on 3 occasions. Although it wasn’t particularly steep, it was a challenge with the other runners. We started off at the very back of the pack, thinking that they would quite quickly disperse into pace groups. (Well that was a mistake!!) We got stuck behind the slower runners and by the time we had cleared them – 1/2 a lap later, the time was going to be a slow one. Our official time was 28mins 24secs – so still reasonable, if the slowest we have done in weeks.

Now I am going to do some stretching/foam roller work to relax my legs – my chest is quite tight today due to an infection, coughing & spluttering my way around the last lap wasn’t good either.


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