Training Diary – Day 522

Well the ‘Summer Holidays’ are here ….  Finished yesterday and needed to play with my LEGO – go to the gym for a destressing training session.  So off to my 2nd home I went and it was shear bliss seeing my favourite training toys.


I increased the level of gradient for the Static Bike Hill Climbing Challenge, which I thought was a good thing to do at the time. I completed 26.52km in the 30mins period but at a steeper gradient. Well impressed with myself, as the sweat dripped off me and my shirt looked two-tone grey.


Then it was back to the Treadmill Fitness Test Challenge – or what I like to call my ‘Recovery’ measurement. I was most definitely shattered after this.13843420_10153608415101196_1528479247_o

This data equates to an adult male 30yrs younger than I actually am – I must train too much at times. But I do love it.


I also completed my #FitBit STEPS Challenge for the 5 working days – 136,000+


Afterwards it was a quick shower and a few hours chilling to watch TV.

Today it was #ParkRunTouristTrip – Week One.


Over the Summer Holidays we are going to try and run different #ParkRun Courses – a new one each week. Today it was #WarringtonParkRun.  The course was quite a challenge, winding in & out of the park and fields, before cutting back on itself to run back to the finish line. The pathways were narrow and busy, the temperature was 23c and very humid. Both Edgie, my training buddy, and I found the heat a struggle – but we still managed the 5km in sub28mins at a steady pace. The journey home was just as unpleasant – with the temp in the car reaching 26c+ with the windows open.

Next Week’s #RoadTrip is going to be the #StHelensParkRun and yet another new course for us.


Once I got home I was ready for my recovery #ProteinShake and the ice-cold milk that I added. Most refreshing drink of the day and a very much deserved one too.


‘Never give up until you finish.

So now that I can do some ‘Proper Training’ I am looking forward to adding more Miles/Kms to my HALF-MARATHON training, as I only have less than 54 days to go.

Present distance is 10miles/16km in 1hr 40mins – so confident I will achieve my initial Target Time of 2hrs 30mins.


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