Training Diary – Day 520

Another hard week has ended today with the end of school year – the Summer Holidays are here!!! So tonight I went and played in the gym.


It had been a few weeks since I had last attended one of Alison’s Circuit Training Sessions – she was quite pleased to see me and had designed her class to include a few ‘Extras’ for me – lol.

These are just a few of the easier exercises Alison set up for the group. I was really shattered after completing her class – but felt great!!


Now for those of you that have read this blog over the past 18months, you will know that I can’t keep my mouth closed when a challenge is thrown in my direction. Mark & Alison told me about the ‘Chair’ Challenge – a squat against the wall for a time period. The leading time is 8mins+ and I thought I could do a similar time. Mark & Alison did think I might struggle after completing the Circuit Session earlier….

I still took the challenge and tried my best for a first time effort. I recorded a rubbish time of only 3mins 03secs this time – which meant I was only in 20th position in the gym challenge. I WILL do this challenge again and improve my time more significantly – before I start training – lol.



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