Training Diary – Day 516


What is the best way to enjoy a really hot sunny Sunday afternoon? Oh I know … let’s go for a 10mile training run …durrr!!!!   So we did – both Edgie (my training buddy & I.)

The route we had thought about included some quite steep inclines, long and rolling I think the term is. These coupled with the temperature where going to make this a challenge we thought.



Just noticed the elevation too – that was from the flat coastline to the top of the cliff edge. It was also a set of wooden steps to climb to get to the top, which really slowed us down. But that was included in our time, so we could go a little faster next time.

The pace was a lot faster than we had planned too – we thought about 10mins30sec to 11mins pace per mile. But obviously forgot to tell our legs the speed. Going for a consistent time over the 10miles, we are really pleased with that 10mins per mile pace – considering the variables today. It makes our target time of sub 2hrs30mins for a half-marathon more of an achievable pace.


16km in 1hour 40mins for today’s effort. Well impressed with that and a good time to aim to beat next time we are out running.

13695887_10153594442426196_229846454_nJust to prove how hot it actually was – just look at my two-tone top, red face and shattered glaze in my eyes ….


And just for a bit of fun at the end of the run, we did our best ‘Forest Gump’ impressions – lol.

An added thought, it was a good job that we didn’t go all out at the #ParkRun yesterday too. That easy paced 27mins30secs time we did as a ‘PACER’ now doesn’t seem that easy in comparison.

#FitBit STEPS count for the 16km today was 18,200+steps.



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