Training Diary – Day 515


Up and at the early today – Edgie & I did the #ParkRun and decided to be a pacer again. Weather was damp but humid at the start of the run and by the time we had completed it the temperature/humidity was a challenge for us. (Even at the steady pace we where running – sub27mins30secs, which is as chilled a pace as we could do without too much effort.

SpkltlMi.jpg large

After clearing the main of this bunch of runners we worked our way through to the next group – doing the same thing again until it was fairly clear in front  of us.

infpq2os.jpg large

We completed the run and had a pleasant chat as we strolled back to the car – felt good to do a decent time again – without trying to kill ourselves. I can feel the strength and endurance building up in my legs again. The time of my distances are getting consistent too – 5.30mins to 6mins per km averaging over 10km.

Tomorrow we have a plan to go on another longer run and to see if we can keep the same average – maybe to even break the 15km distance this time…..


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