Training Diary – Day 510

Happy Anniversary to my left knee – Neil. It was exactly 12months ago today that I had surgery and was off my feet for several months. Torn Meniscus & Medial Ligamenrs and the resulting damage protruding through the back of the knee joint, meant a prolonged recovery of up to 6months off.


NAH!!!!   That just wasn’t going to happen….   So the keyhole surgery & drilling through my shinbone to repair the damage was never going to stop me. I was told that my first words in the recovery room – straight after the surgery, were “Can I start training now?”   which I can well believe.

The Consultant’s prognosis was quite clear – 8weeks totally non weight baring, then 4-6weeks of light weight baring on crutches. Next would be physio and some strength building of my knee with stretching & mobility exercises. Following that I could go on to a little more exercise or light training (week 20 onwards.)

So with plenty of the above and a Determination & No Surrender approach I did something that was considered ‘Remarkable’ by the Consultant. After 8weeks non weight baring I began light training using crutches. 3weeks later I ran a 5km distance in under 40mins. In reality that meant I returned back to training in a 11weeks time frame. (Returned back to work on the start of my 12th week after surgery.


Now tonight, I have gone out and celebrated my achievement with my training buddy Edgie. We went for a gentle but steady 10km road run in a time of 58mins – not a fast pace but one that was just for the  distance. Over the past 6months since I started training properly, I have significantly increased my pace for the 5km #ParkRuns – Official PB being 25mins 30secs, though I have ran slightly faster unofficially. My 8km times are around 44mins, 10km times 54mins, 12km times 65mins, 15km time of 92mins  – all of which are building up to my goal of a Half-Marathon in 68days time.

I have competed/completed several events as part of my recovery training and have a few more in the pipe-line for the future. These have been indicators for my fitness levels.

So what have I learned during my long recovery period? Simple – Never Give Up, Always Strive to do Better, Be Your Own Person. These are qualities that I have lived by all my life. I enjoy my training, my failures and my achievements. But most of all ‘I Enjoy Life’.

#FitBits, #teacher5adaychallenges, #TwitterFriends – far & Near, #TrainingBuddies, #Shredders, #VirtualCoach – all have played a part in my recovery.

If I can do this at 80% fitness level and people are amazed at the results. Imagine what YOU can do to improve your own life.



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