Training Diary – Day 496

I needed to have some ‘LEGO’ time today, after a challenging day at school. Things are not getting any easier the near to the end of the school year it gets. So it was a short but energetic burst at the gym – to burn off any frustrations I have had today.


I decided to go and do another session on ‘Interval Sprints’ but this time I has helped by Jody wanting to try too. Whilst she was doing her Static Bike Cardio work I started my first 3 x 1km sprints. The focus being 1km sprint at a comfortable pace, followed by 60secs slower recovery pace before the next 1km at a faster pace than the previous 1km.

These are my splits for tonight:

1km = 4.54mins

2km = 4.36mins

3km = 3.53mins

(Jody joined in for the next 2km – 1st km was to explain to her what to do.)

4km = 4.57mins

5km = 4.17mins

1min recovery in between each 1km.

Although I didn’t spent too much time on this session, I did feel that I have put my best efforts into training tonight. I am obviously improving my Cardio & HR/BPM, as my recovery rate was much quicker than expected.


Time for me to have a Hot Lobster Bath and some gentle stretches before having an early night.

CiCSONdWMAE3PVP.jpg large

#ProteinShake – a lovely Raspberry & Vanilla Protein Shake to aid recovery is just what was needed.


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