Training Diary – Day 495


Out of school early tonight, had to get my gym session done & dusted before the #ENGvICE match started.


Static Bike – Alpine Pass Hill Climbing Challenge, as usual. 30mins of a fairly fast pace whilst climbing up & down a Hill profile routine. I managed to complete 26.61km in the 30mins at level 5. That was an improvement on  yesterday’s efforts to – pleased!!


Next was the Treadmill Fitness Test – or my recovery routine for assessing my HR/BPM. I did complete it again with a SUPERIOR fitness level & a SubMaxVO2 of 59.1% (again a slight improvement on yesterday.)


Then it was back to the Static Bike for another – RANDOM Hill Climbing Challenge for only 15mins. I completed 12.12km in this time period.


My last activity was the Treadmill again and a sort of ‘Cool Down’ for me anyway. It was 3 x 1km sprints with a brief rest period in between.

1km = 5mins

2km = 4mins 36secs

3km = 4mins 17secs

I really enjoyed the last km and pushed myself a little bit further than previously. My recovery was much quicker than I expected and I felt good too.


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