Training Diary – Day 494

Lots of TV yesterday after training, watched the International Rugby Union, the European Championship Football matches x 3 and then the Boxing – Anthony Joshua playing with his opponent for 7 rounds. Did mean a little bit of a numb bum before bed though.

This morning, up early and out to buy the Sunday Newspaper. Breakfast, cup of tea and a read of the paper is my usual Sunday routine. Afterwards it was a gentle trip to the gym.


Back to my friend, the Static Bike, for the Hill Climbing Challenge – not done this for about 10 days so was feeling a hard time was going to come my way. Did the usual 30mins for my records, seeing if I had improved or not. Managed 26.09km on Level 5; not an improvement but a loss of around 1.5km for the same time period at my best.


I then did my recovery rate routine on the Treadmill – Fitness Test Challenge, looking to see if I was at a similar submax VO2 levle – again not done this for about 10days. I achieved ‘SUPERIOR’ fitness level, which isn’t hard these days and a submax VO2 of 58.2% so not too bad.



As an end to the session – a short one today, I went back on to the Static Bike and did a different routine option, ‘RANDOM HILLS’ which I have previously completed once before about 4 weeks ago. I completed a 15mins period on Level 5, finding it even harder than I remembered. However, I still managed to complete 12.15km during it. That makes 38km+ of Hill Climbing today in 45mins – the difficulty being the variations in the gradients fluctuating out of my control.

For the remainder of Sunday, I am pleased to say I will be getting a numb bum again watching more of the European Championship Football games, before getting sorted for school again tomorrow.




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