Training Diary – Day 493


Never give up until you finish.

After a long & tiring day yesterday, getting home late and refusing to do anything but rest, I got up for the usual #Parkrun this morning.


My training buddy – Edgie, knocked for me about 8.20am so we could drive over to the #Parkrun. The weather looked really pleasant and we spoke about just completing another run to clock up the Totals for this month.

When we got to the location – OMG!!  The heavens opened and it was a torrential downpour of epic proportions. The park course had rivers flowing along/across the pathways and massive puddles to run through/round … splash splash!!

Edgie decided that we should just go for the completion today – he had a few aches & pains, plus his chest was a bit tight. That was fair enough for me too, as I was physically tired and didn’t sleep very well last night either.

For the first 2 laps I was just pacing for Edgie and keeping the pace around 27mins – ish!! But as we could see some of the other runners ahead of us not getting away from us, I started to speed up the pace of the last lap. We caught up with a few other runners we knew  and they joined our pacing. But I was feeling really comfortable and decided to increase the pace even faster – from 5mins 12secs per 1km to 4mins 39secs for the last 1km.


I finished the 5km with a sprint over the last 400m and it felt good. My Time today was a very comfortable 26mins 03secs and I do mean very comfortable – Edgie & 2 others with us finished about 15secs+ behind me.

As a future challenge I am aiming to improve my PB to sub25mins and that will be another sign of my continued improvement & speed. It is achievable and I will look to manage it over the next few weeks. Means I need to include some more 1km Sprint Intervals again.

Feeling much happier about how training has ended the week.


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