Training Diary – Day 491

Where has this week gone???   Data crunching every night has made the week disappear and prevent me from training as much as I wanted.


That meant I had to go on a slightly longer run with my running buddy – Edgie. This after a long and stressful day of ‘Writing Moderation’ by the powers that be. That was enough reason to go and play-out. The problem was that I had already managed 21000+ STEPS before the run. Plus the temperature was too hot.

As you can see by the time, it wasn’t too good for me, but I did start to cramp up on the last incline and that meant a shorter distance than the 10km I was hoping to do. Tight calf due to lack of stretching & dehydrated.


Yesterday was a ‘Rest Day’ – but one I knew I needed to recover from my cramping up. Doesn’t mean to say that I enjoyed it. Though it was needed.

Today was a little bit of an unusual one for me – no formal training, but I did take my Y6 pupils out for a 7.5km ‘Power Walk’ to a Football Tournament this afternoon. Again the heat made it quite a challenge but I am pleased with their efforts – but not my sun burnt face again!!

A chance to finish off the last of my data crunching from last night – hopefully the completed table for the DfE.

#FitBit STEPS for today is also over 22000+ and my legs are tired too.


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