Training Diary – Day 486


After a busy & very stressful week in school it was LEGO time for me. I just had to do some training today.


Edgie, my training buddy, came earlier than usual for #ParkRun and I wasn’t ready – gave him an opportunity to have a little moan before we set off. The plan, as usual was just to see how we felt when we arrived at the park run and then decide how we intended to run – just complete it, run fast, go for a social run or try for a New PB.

When we got there, we met up with Stuart B – the 3rd member of out 50+ Club and he told us he had a 10km running event tomorrow, so it was an easy run today. The 3 of us set off together and we had a fairly leisurely pace for the 1st lap, good old chat and a chance to support some of the other ‘slower’ runners.

Then it happened – no surprise really!!! Edgie began to speed up his pace and did a little wonder off into the distance – racing himself. Stuart & I just carried on with a similar pace for the 2nd lap. However, I did manage to increase the 3rd lap pace to see if Stuart would play along. He Did!!


The finishing times for the three of us today differed somewhat – as follows:  Stuart & I did it in 27mins 18secs, a good time for Stuart and a New PB for him. For me, I didn’t even break into a sweat – acting as Stuart’s pacer. But I did feel good about the time anyway. Edgie has really happy with his time – 26mins 09secs and a New PB for him too. He was like a kid with a Christmas present – running all over the place grinning.

So now I will have to ‘Up’ my pace and aim for sub25mins to stay ahead of them both (My official PB is 25mins 30secs – but have recently done 25mins 15secs in a training run.) For Stuart we have said he will aim for sub27mins & Edgie is going for sub26mins.

Edgie is aware that I was looking at buying a New Training Toy – a Garmin and he updated his. That meant he was selling his other Garmin, so I bought it from him. There will be more  pictures & data being posted from it.

ClOWoiVWgAQHgaM.jpg large

Not the RED one I was looking to buy, but at least it has some RED on it.

For the remainder of today it has been Data Crunching/Assessments, after paying a few bills. Tonight I hope to get an opportunity to watch a little TV – before starting all over again with the same tasks.


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