Training Diary – Day 481

Had a weekend off training – well going to the gym & for a run anyway. Went to Leeds for  #NorthernRocks2016 Teacher Meet – thoroughly enjoyed the time up there and meeting loads of people from #PrimaryRocks too. (That didn’t stop me keeping up with my #FitBit STEPS count as the campus of Leeds Uni is massive, so ended up doing a fair bit of walking …Yeah!!


So tonight it was back to the gym and a little bit of Cardio work on the Static Bike – Hill Climbing Challenge – 30mins = 26.65km today.


Then it was back to the treadmill and a fitness/recovery test – scored a submaxVO2 of 62.1% tonight – which is ish!!! for me.


Back to the Static Bike for a little change – Random Hill Climbing for 15mins – a further 12km+ on that …..   wasn’t too bad because I couldn’t really judge the pace as the Hills differed quite regularly.


To conclude tonight’s efforts I did a 1km fast sprint on the treadmill – just as a means of increasing my HR before finishing. I did the 1km in 4mins 54secs, which wasn’t a killer but still felt good.

Now it is time to get sorted and settle down to the #Euros16 on TV.





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