Training Diary – Day 477


Tonight’s session was Alison’s Circuit Training Class – 45mins of her applying her ‘Torture & Pain’ skills. As usual she varied the levels of difficulty for each exercise – and as per my routine I up my level of performance and sense of humour whilst doing them.


These are just a few of the 12 exercises she set out for us. To be fair, the humidity in the studio tonight was as bad as last night – even with the massive fans on full. After each circuit the exercises seemed to get much more difficult, even the easiest of them. By the end of the 2nd circuit I had drank my full 1 x litre of water and was struggling. This meant the rapid fire 3rd circuit was completed on pure adrenaline.


School PE session today include a few more laps of the #Run2Rio with all the classes. I even had 28 x 4yr old Nursery kids following me round the 250m lap course, which was a little bit like the Pied Piper and was hilarious.

My #FitBit STEPS count today is in excess of 25,000+ again for the 4th day in a row.


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